The way I like to say thank you to friends and family is to make something delicious for them.  Good health is the first form of wealth, so if you can make something that someone would have to go to a restaurant for and that is incredible nutritious, your gift is priceless.  This sunday I made my Mom her Birthday brunch as she turned early 40’s, Mom reminds me that she had me when she was twelve so her 44th Birthday.

I’m going to give the recipe for this frittata a little different so you can make it your own when you make it for your loved ones.

Set oven to 350 and let preheat while you prep everything else.  Ideally you will have a cast iron skillet that is well coated.  If you don’t have that then a pan that has a handle that is oven safe will work fine.

Julian two medium onions to caramelize.  Using a big skillet I added coconut oil and onions over a very low heat.  The key to caramelizing onions is to take your time, if you try to go to fast you just end up with cooked onions that aren’t caramelized.  If you want to make kick ass fully caramelized onions then with chopping and cooking should take over an hour.  But because this is part of a brunch frittata just let the onions simmer while you dice your sweet potatoes.

Wash peel and double peel if you have the time, your sweet potatoes.  Root vegetable should be washed and peeled to remove toxins absorbed from the dirt.  Once potatoes are diced remove onions from pan and replace with sweet potatoes, add extra coconut oil to pan if needed.  While that is cooking dice any mushrooms or other vegetables that you want to use.  When adding your different vegetables just remember the denser the vegetable the longer it will take to cook.

With all the vegetables simmering (oh, you put the onions back in there right?) start prepping the eggs.  Take half of the eggs you plan to use, (I used 12 eggs total) scramble with salt pepper and sriracha sauce.  Why sriracha?  Uh duh, it’s hot sauce and eggs a match made in culinary heaven.

Now we get to the part that will turn your delicious nutritious breakfast into something that you will become insta-famous for.  Pour scrambled eggs over vegetables in skillet, shake and push around veggies to settle and even everything (this is all done while over a low heat).  Take remainder of the eggs crack and evenly place around the skillet.  After placing eggs salt and pepper once more for good looks and place in oven till eggs are done.

When will it be done?  That depends how you like your eggs.  I recommend sunny side up, egg whites cooked but leaving the yolks unbroken and slightly un cooked inside (yolk should pour out when you break into it).

This method of starting eggs on the stove top and finishing them in the oven is a French way to cook eggs.  I find it adds volume to the eggs and cooks them evenly.  That isn’t as easy to accomplish when cooking on the stove top alone.  Have fun making this recipe and practicing these techniques.  The ingredients I used were  just the ones I had in my kitchen if I had planned ahead I would have had some green veggies in there for sure and if I had a nice cheese I probably wouldn’t have minded if that made it in as well.