My good friend Jerry asked if I would be willing to write a blog post for his new site, Labonte Nutrition. He wanted me to give a little piece of nutritional wisdom to the ladies that a man couldn’t. How could I turn down an offer like that?!

Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of women from all walks of life to help them dial in their nutrition plans. Do you know that one thing that every single one of them was missing from their diet?


That seems crazy, right? Who would ever put the words “diet” and “satisfaction” into the same sentence?

But here is the deal, in order for any nutritional strategy to work, it has to be satisfying. For a lot of the women I work with, they feel an immense amount of guilt or shame about the foods they find pleasurable. It is almost as if there is a big seperation between the foods that are “good for you” and the ones that “taste good”. A lot of women don’t even know what foods are satisfying to them, because they have trained themselves for so long to not feel pleasure from the food they eat.

So ladies, lets imagine this. Lets talk about your sex life. If you never tried new things, if you never allowed yourself to break out of missionary, if you never tried having sex in the morning over the bathroom sink, how would you ever know if you liked it? How would you know what blows your skirt up?

Now lets come back to food. If you never tried new foods, if you never allowed yourself to break out of your low-fat low-carb low-calorie way of eating, if you never tried eating coffee ice cream in the bath tub, how would you ever know if you liked it? How would you know what blows your skirt up?

The truth is, we are hard wired to derive A LOT of pleasure from the food we eat. And as women, we are very particular. We like things to be a certain way. We like it “just like that” or “mmmmmmm a little more of that” or “just a little slower” or “just a little more”.

For men, it’s different right? They don’t care if it is right here or there or everywhere, they are just happy to be getting it! For them, food is food and sex is sex. For us, it’s not quite that way. We need a few more specifics to be satisfied. We like things to be just to our taste, and to feel just right.

So, who’s responsibility is it for you to feel satisfied?


If you do not know what you like, what your preferences are, it is impossible for you to scratch that satisfaction itch. You need to spend some time finding out what brings you pleasure (in all areas of your life, not just food and sex) otherwise you are doomed to always feel as if, “things just don’t taste right…”

Now how’s THAT for a nutritional strategy 😉

My recommendation for you this week is to get curious as to what brings you pleasure and satisfaction. Is it a poached egg breakfast at nine o’clock with a cup of black coffee? Is it a rare steak with grilled asparagus for dinner? Is it a bottle of Malbec shared with someone good looking sitting on the deck at night? What is it? With all the nitty gritty details?

Once you’ve identified that, once you have figured out what it is you REALLY want, I would ask, “Are you getting it?”

Here’s to getting what you want, ladies. You deserve it :)

Heather Kelly is an evolutionary sports nutritionist and certified psychology of eating coach. She is the owner and operator of OPENutrition and Heather’s Choice. Heather works with clients worldwide to help them develop a relationship with food that leaves them feeling SEXY. STRONG. and SATISFIED. She is the creator of and the OPENutrition Challenge. Heather is available for one on one and group coaching, as well as live speaking engagements. You can get in touch with her by visiting