Farm to Tent Retreat

Farm to Tent Retreat

A habit, gut biome, and cellular reset on a beautiful family-run organic farm on Maui.

Living with sustainable, healthier habits makes life easier.
Finding out which habits you can change, understanding how to change, and then choosing the new habits every day is all, extremely difficult.

Come to Maui on a small organic family farm where we will be creating a microenvironment of the perfect, abundant stress-free healthy made easy life.

Who is this for?
Would you like to understand and grow your connection with nature
Are you ready to live healthier?
Are you interested in making healthier, easier life more streamlined?
Are you already active and living a healthy life and want to be around others with the same priority.

What participants can expect:
Locally sourced meals lovingly prepared meals:
Vegetables and fruits will be sourced from the farm we are staying at or from farms in the area. Farms that practice regenerative agriculture

Local fish from local fishermen using sustainable practices.

Wild venison from the lush Maui landscape, revered for its flavor, rich color, and nutrient density.

Will be harvest dinner-style eating with everyone from the retreat. Adequate time will be planned to relax, enjoy the meal and share stories of the day’s adventure.

Will be planned with the day’s adventures in mind. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a day at the office, lunch is usually best taken to go. Our lunches will show you how you can take nutritious, fresh meals with you where ever you go.

Will include, locally sourced coffee, coconut yogurt prepared by our chefs, Exotic Maui fruit and some other biohacking tricks. Basically, the ultimate continental breakfast which we teach you how to recreate at home.

Daily adventures:
Hiking, Beach time, Kayaking with Whales,… Each day we will be exploring different parts of the island in ways bigger groups don’t get to see. See the island the way the locals do.

Morning movement mediations:
We will be starting each day with a different mediation practice to choose our programing, mood and clarity for the day.

Daily workshops:
Nutrition, hydration, sleep, focus, meditation, fitness, shadow work, honest compassionate communication are all topics that will be covered throughout the retreat.

Quit time:
Each day will be packed with lots to do and to learn. To balance all these amazing activities downtime will be scheduled to all campers to enjoy the farm or day

Book a call to make sure it is a perfect fit to come to Maui & experience this magic!