Are you doing all you can for your Health?

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The Guy and how he helps.

Jerry grew up helping in kitchens alongside his father, a Three Star Master French Chef, long before he considering his time spent in them as work. He has years of experience working in professional kitchens, cooking for family and friends, and providing clients with nutritional advice. Paired with his passion for food, health, and background in coaching and fitness,  Jerry's unique experience and skills allow him to help clients in ways no other private chef, nutritional therapist or wellness coach can.


Jerry helps people enjoy cooking and eating real, healthy foods that taste delicious. He teaches clients how to cook nutritious and uncomplicated meals for themselves, as well as offering catering for special occasions and services as a private chef.


Jerry believes that eating healthy should be enjoyable and that “tastebuds are your body's way of telling you what it needs.” He focuses on pairing low-carbohydrate, whole foods with  high-quality fats that make it easier to manage weight, reduce inflammation and avoid chronic sickness -- all while tasting delicious and leaving people satisfied instead of hungry. 


Why should you hire a private chef long term or even for a few hours? Your body will thank you for eating or learning to cook satisfying, nutritious meals that taste incredible.


Private Chef Services: 

Have meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up completely taken care of for you. Enjoy eating meals fresh that day either gourmet plated or family style,  or have them stored for a more convenient time later. Jerry specializes in paleo and ketogenic diets, and can accommodate your specific dietary concerns such as food allergies, gluten-free, and dairy free. He uses locally sourced ingredients to prepare foods from scratch that have a minimal impact on carbon footprint.


Cooking time typically takes 4 to 6 hours and can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly. Jerry will bring cooking tools and groceries that are sourced that day to your house to create meals right in front of you, your family and friends. Prices include the chefs time for cooking, planning and shopping, plus grocery costs. If interested, you can also join Jerry for grocery shopping.


Private Cooking Classes:

Learn how to make healthy foods and have fun doing it with in-home private cooking classes, available one-on-one or for up to six people. Classes last from two to four hours, and make for a memorable afternoon, birthday, or hands-on dinner party. Kick back after your lesson and enjoy the dishes you learned how to make. Every participant gets to take home the recipes they learned so they can make them at home for themselves and to impress friends.


Private Chef Combined with Personal Training:

Are you looking for a long-term personal chef who can provide health and nutrition support from the inside out? Or perhaps you would like a wellness retreat to come to you personal estate. Jerry can help you feel your best with his holistic approach that combines fitness with nutrition and lifestyle practices. As a certified personal trainer, a Primal Blueprint certified expert, Poliquin Group biosignature practitioner and Level 1 Crossfit coach, Jerry can help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Experience exceptional growth in all aspects of your quality of life and longevity through personalized healthy meals and fitness training, so you can have more free time to focus on your family, career and other passions.


All services are available in Telluride, Aspen, and the San Miguel area of Colorado. Additional locations may be available with accomodation provided. 

Contact LaBonteNutrition (at) gmail .com for more information