Thank You!

Thank you for showing interest in my healthy and fun cooking class.  Skip to the bottom if you know you want to sign up and don't care to hear more about the class.

I have been working on the coarse material for this class for a while now.  It is my theory that healthy food tastes better (with the exception to sugar). This class will teach you many different ways that is possible and why.  

It is also my plan to show you how to have fun with cooking.  Teach you more than just recipes, but what goes into making a recipe and how to make a recipe your own.  We will go over how to balance flavors and what to look for in quality recipes.  My goal is to help you develop a passion for cooking by inspiring you to find your own creativeness.  

Classes are on Tuesday nights 3/21, 3/28, and 4/4.  Class will start at 6 and go for almost 2 hours.  Element 52 has graciously allowed the use of their beautiful location to hold our classes. Please arrive early so we can meet in the lobby and walk to our kitchen together.   

Your Cookbook

Each student will get their own cookbook compiled in a three ring binder, lending itself to taking notes, adding your own recipes,  or recipes you find in magazines, online or other books.  My goal is to help you start your own cookbook of recipes that inspire you. Sounds pretty good right?!

Your cookbook will be ready and waiting for you at your first class.

Class format

I'm a big fan of Tim Ferris and love his book The Four Hour Chef.  What I appreciate most about his book is how he matched each recipe with a kitchen skill.  I won't be using his recipes but will match the format used in the book.  Each recipe covered in class will be chosen to learn and practice different kitchen skills.  Along with the recipe covered in class you will go home with a second recipe that will require the same skill, giving you another chance to practice.

In class BYOB is encouraged. Cooking should be fun and enjoying adult beverages will lead to a… well you understand ;-). 

If you have any questions about the class email me at

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$150 for all three classes (3/21, 3/28, 4/4) and the start of your own cookbook, food to take home, and some to snack on while in class.

Class space is limited so don't hesitate, please share with friends who might be interested.