Howdy Beautiful People, 

I was out shoveling my driveway and roof this weekend for a few hours and realized I was surrounded by water and had none to drink.  I could feel that I was sweating, and it made me think how many people would be doing the same thing and not realize they need to replenish afterwards.  Here is my water guide to drinking the right amount of water,I hope you all enjoy.


The Water Guide

It’s no secret that our bodies are mostly water 60-65% of our bodies are water, (got doing a quick search on the web).  But how much do we need on any given day to maintain healthy function?  That will depend on your body weight, activity level how humidity of your environment, temperature of your environment and temperature of your body.

The easiest and simplest way to make sure you are drinking enough water is to get in the habit of carrying a water bottle everywhere you go.  Having a water bottle with you eliminates the need to keep track how much water you drank.  Now you can just take a sip any time you think about it, just interpret “thinking about water” as your body telling you its time to drink more water.  Along with carrying a water bottle with you if you also get in the practice of drinking a glass of water any time you have a diuretic, (ie coffee, alcohol, some prescription drugs) or any time your working out/ sweating (ie the gym, skiing, hiking, at a concert, doing yard work,…) you will be just fine.

A simple estimate for how much water you should be drinking in a day is 1 gallon for men or 3/4 a gallon for woman.  If you are not in the practice of drinking healthy amounts of water then bringing a gallon jug of water with you is a great idea.  As the day goes on you can see how much you have to finish before the end of the day, which hopefully will motivate you to drink more, this will provide you with great insight as to how much water you should get, and can probably transition to a more life friendly bottle after a few days.

If you’re looking for a formula that is a little more involved, here is one recommended by the Poliquin Group

(Body weight in pounds/2) + (body weight x 20%) = number of ounces per day.

For example:      

140 lb/2 = 70

20% of 140 = 28

70 + 28 = 98 oz/day

I also don’t know why they make it so complicated, Here is the same formula but rewritten by someone with a degree in Math.

(BW/2) + (BW x 20%) = Number of ounces per day,

(BW x 1/2) + (BW x 2/10) = OPD,

BW(1/2 + 2/10) = OPD,

BW(7/10) = OPD,

Body weight x 70% = Number of ounces per day

For example:

140 lbs x 70% = 98 oz/day

*keep in mind the is a formula that doesn’t involve humidity level or activity level so even this fairly involved formula is just a rough estimate.

Drinking water at work:

For those of you who have a desk job you may or may not have heard that sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not conducive for better health.  Well if you have a water bottle with you at work and are good about drinking it you will have to take frequent breaks from your desk to use that restroom and to fill up your water bottle.  So you could have a standing desk or set a timer to walk around your office every fifteen minutes or… you could just carry a water bottle with you.

Drinking water and fat loss:

When the body perceives that you are in a drought it will start to ration the water that is available.  This is the same pattern the body takes if you are restricting calories, in extreme temperatures, excessive exercise or basically any extreme stress that your body perceives is a threat to life.  The body naturally redirects it’s resources to where it is needed right now and ignores demands that are farther down the road.  What the body says to it’s self is ‘who cares if my organs fatigue in 5 years I don’t have enough water to make it to tomorrow.’

When your body senses that water is low it will send signals to shut down kidneys functions.  In the short term this isn’t a problem because the liver can then take over the kidneys, this really becomes a problem long term when the liver can’t do the other jobs we would like it to perform.  What are those other jobs?

Detoxification and Fat processing

The liver removes toxins from the blood stream to be pooped out later and turns triglycerides (body fat) into glucose which is how the body fuels energy demands.  If you think how these liver functions pertain to water intake it becomes pretty clear that you need your liver the most when we are socially least like to give it what it needs.

This explains why drinking a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage goes so a long way to helping your hangover the next day.  If you didn’t do that then your liver wouldn’t be operating at 100% when you need it to remove that toxic crap from all those poisonous beverages.  What? you didn’t know that alcohol was poison?  Haven’t you ever heard a bartender ask, “pick your poison”

Now switch to the gym and suddenly could explain why I hear stories of people who have plateau’d and are not seeing any results when they are forgetting to drink water.  If you are on the boarder of being dehydrated then start a training session to work of body fat (the better the activity the more you are to sweat) you become really dehydrated really quickly.  That combination of water restriction and physical activity will stop all fat loss in its tracks.  Then when you realize that because the liver is not firing on all cylinders your body might be switching to a different source for fuel, Your Muscles!!!  Or this could explain why going to the gym seems to suck the life out of some people while so many others it seems to help boost their energy.

Signs or symptoms of dehydration

  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Decreased Urine output
  • Tired or sleepy
  • Urine is low volume and more yellowish then normal
  • Headache
  • Dry Skin
  • Dizziness

While these symptoms don’t seem sever I really urge you that they are.  Lets take the symptom of the headache, seems fairly common.  But when you realize that your brain doesn’t have any pain receptors like lets say your foot does (which will notice everything you step on).  Then you might start to realize that if you are experiencing even just the mildest of headaches due to dehydration then you are seriously dehydrated.  Same goes for all the rest of the symptoms.

What can you expect when you are hydrated

  • Clear Urine
  • Plenty of volume to your urine
  • Better energy levels
  • Better metabolism
  • Better recovery
  • Better sleep
  • Basically your body works the way it’s supposed

Drink your water from glass bottles whenever possible to avoid any chemicals that could leach into it from plastic bottles.  This is why you will see me with a recycled glass bottle (that and I think it looks cool).

If you are drinking bottled water (which is a great way to remove toxins if you don’t have a reverse osmosis filter) then you should avoid the water that comes in the soft plastic containers.  A soft plastic containers are the opaque containers that you will see milk sold in.  Look for the clear hard plastic to get less contaminants in you water.