Thanks for taking the time to check out my website, I’m Jerry. I have made it my job as a health coach to teach people about their cravings, take away sugar with it’s addictive qualities and the rest of your cravings are your body asking for vitamins, nutrients and energy.

Why did you become a Health Coach?

I’ve always enjoyed helping others, I’ve got a younger brother and sister that I grew up very close to. I’ve been accused of having big brother syndrome. To me its a no brainer, If I help others for a living my life will be rewarding beyond what I can imagine.

What do you think is causing all the modern health problems?

People are to removed from their food, if the general public just learned how to select and cook quality ingredients they would solve a great percentage of problems related with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, alzheimer’s disease. I’m not saying you have to cook every meal you eat just that you should know a little more about where, what and how about your food.

People often talk about the importance of being an informed consumer, so they don’t get taken advantage of when shopping for a car, cloths, a computer. Well none of the those items become you. If everyone thought about their food like they do when purchasing other items and services that should make their lives easier, “you get what you pay for.”

Where do you get your passion for Nutrition?

Wrestling in high school and college and tried a lot of terrible things to keep my weight down. My focus was always on controlling the number on the scale, never did I ask how did I preform, feel, recover,… I feel like a lot of people are focusing to much with the number on the scale, thinking that is the sign that they are healthy. While carrying excess weight is a sign of poor health, focusing your energy on just the scale weight will almost guarantee poor health.

I teach my clients better questions to ask making better health choices easy and intuitive.

What type of workouts do you recommend to your clients?

I recommend that everyone find a fun way to sweat. If it stops being fun, stop and do something else. Sweat is a great indicator of your workouts effectiveness. Fun, movement is needed for life and if movement is fun then you will continue it for life.

Personally I enjoy every sport/movement/ activity under the sun. Crossfit has been incredibly rewarding for me, so much so that I became a Level 1 certified coach to learn more about it.

Using Crossfit strategies in different fun workouts is really easy, figure out a way to quantify your fun, vary your training and track your progress.

If running is your thing time your runs once a month/week/day. Lifting weights? do as many reps as possible in 2 min at a specific weight, then try again in two weeks. Snowboarding/skiing? time yourself going down your favorite run and try to get in a 100 turns. Walking? Walk for 30 min a day on a track/trail and count how many laps you can get. Hiking? time yourself on your favorite hike, then add a 10lb pack and see if you can finish in the same time.

Quantifying your workout will let you see results, motivating you to keep coming back. Asking yourself is this fun to make sure you subconscious isn’t secretly hating your workout.

Where did you learn how to cook?

My Dad, a Three Star Classically Trained Master French Chef taught me at a young age (12) to appreciate the skill it a professional kitchen requires. Besides my Dad I have been lucky enough to travel the country working with extremely talented chefs.

How do you help your clients?

I teach people how choosing and cooking real food will make life easier and more rewarding. Having conversations so I can point out the ‘low hanging fruit’ or the easiest step someone can take to improve their health.

By always looking for the ‘low hanging fruit’ people start to see results almost effortlessly and get motivated to keep looking for the next change. I hear other health coaches complain they just want clients to listen to them because they know best. Well, I consider it part of my job convincing, explaining and motivating people why these changes need to happen.

Why do use the term Health Coach why not Consultant or Nutritionist?

I like the way Health Coach sounds, I think it is better description of how I help my clients. Yes most of the work I do is talking about food and proper techniques. Some times food is not the issue with my clients and they need to fix sleep, stress, fitness, or other lifestyle problems. Basically anything that involves health I will learn about or refer my client to someone who knows more then me.

Health Coach also tells my clients I am on their team, I didn’t do my job if they do not succeed. I provide expert advice but I also provide reinforcement. Prescribing some action or food and then walking away is not how I work, I work together with my clients.

Any tips for someone reading this?

Cut out sugar and the rest of your cravings are your bodies way of telling you it needs something. Therefor if you look at your food and it leaves you wanting, then you are missing something that could be making you healthier.

Improve your quality of food to Improve your quality of Life.

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